Warhorse Almost Quit Wrestling Last Year, Explains How Mike Bennett Inspired Him To Continue

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Warhorse Almost Quit Wrestling Last Year, Explains How Mike Bennett Inspired Him To Continue


Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

WARHORSE almost quit wrestling last year, but he found himself inspired by someone who had been in the same situation before.

WARHORSE was a guest on Gregory Iron’s “Iron On Wrestling” podcast and he spoke about almost quitting the business last year and what helped turn things around. Warhorse explained that the past real had been rough on him professionally and personally, including sharing how he’d been helping to take care of his stepfather who was battling cancer. He then explained how a meeting with Mike Bennett at an indie event led him regaining confidence in himself and says that one conversation led to him sticking with things for his next chapter.

“I was getting really depressed, I didn’t know if wrestling was really working, I didn’t have a contract or anything like that. I’m just getting in my own head, as you do, and this stuff hurts; I got rocked the weekend prior and had a concussion, so it was already messing with my head, being depressed from that. So, I sit at this show, Mike Bennett’s running his seminar, I’m sitting in this room with my face paint on and I’m trying to come up with a promo. I sat in that room for two f-cking hours and didn’t come up with anything. I just made a couple Cameos and made sure that those guys were happy because I didn’t wanna disappoint anybody,” he explained.

“So, I was sitting there thinking I was going to quit, ‘I’m just out of it, I don’t have my mind or heart in it.’ I talked to Mike Bennett for a good 45 minutes and now I’m f-cking back to the races. He’s like, ‘Dude, I was in the same position like eight years in’ and I’m like, ‘that’s where I’m at, Mike.’ He’s like ‘it’s just a matter of place and time and I think you have everything you need’ and all of this stuff, and I asked ‘really? I think I’m kind of out of shape at this point,’ and he said, ‘No dude, you’re in shape and getting in better shape.’ Like, in January I had abs but no shows to show that I had abs, so I have no f-cking pictures of it other than the two that I have on my phone,” Warhorse said, “but now I’m getting back to eating my macros and stuff, meal prep and all that stuff—and now I just feel reinvigorated because of talking to him and he gave me so much helpful advice, [it’s] someone who’s been in that exact situation.

“It’s one thing to get advice from someone who’s like just trying to look out for your best interest but it’s another to get it from someone who’s essentially a stranger who’s been in the same scenario and filling you in on what they see from the outside looking in. So basically the conversation with him basically kept me in wrestling for however long I’m going to be in now. It definitely put a big extension on the Warhorse stuff.”

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