Ken Shamrock Shares How He Started To Respect Pro Wrestling After Training For It

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Ken Shamrock Shares How He Started To Respect Pro Wrestling After Training For It

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Even when Ken Shamrock initially started training as a pro wrestler he wasn’t full invested into the concept, but it all ended up being a very worthwhile learning experience for the World’s Most Dangerous Man.

Shamrock happened to be the latest guest on The Kurt Angle Show via AdFreeShows and the former WWE Intercontinental Champion talked about how all his chips weren’t pushed into the squared circle at first jump.

“So it was something that I didn’t like when — not that I didn’t like it, but I wasn’t all into it,” Ken told Kurt. “You know, it was more entertainment to me; watching my dad, more of that kind of thing, but not something that I could feel like I could do because I didn’t think I could act like I was trouble or let somebody beat me. That’s just not how I’m built.

“But after I got into it, I really started to respect it. I started to understand the technical [aspects of] it. The [mental strength] that you have to have to be able to create characters, to be able to create angles, to be able to put a match together. There’s just so much to it that I don’t think people truly understand how very hard it is to be successful in a pro wrestling ring. I learned huge respect for it. I got hurt more in pro wrestling than I ever did in fighting because, in fighting, I don’t have to let nobody hurt me. I don’t have to let nobody do that, I could just take them out.”

Transcription credit should go to Robert DeFelice of Fightful

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