Fred Rosser’s Next True Test Will Be Performing In Japan; Wants To Work With Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kota Ibushi

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Fred Rosser’s Next True Test Will Be Performing In Japan; Wants To Work With Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kota Ibushi

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Fred Rosser is excited about the prospect of finally getting a chance to perform in Japan.

Fred Rosser recently spoke with WrestleZone about his burgeoning career with New Japan Pro-Wrestling and talked about the potential for wrestling in Japan. Rosser, who announced he signed a contract with NJPW on Monday, has been making appearances for the company’s NJPW Strong shows in California but hasn’t worked in Japan yet.

Rosser noted that he never got to work on WWE’s Japanese tours while he was signed there and the pandemic has restricted his ability to travel internationally, but he’s hopeful that as things open up he’ll get to prove himself among New Japan’s best.

“It’s number one for me. Working with New Japan, in Japan is still on a bucket list of mine. I’m just praying, August—hopefully we can run shows in California with an audience, that’s the goal–and hopefully, by the end of the year I can get out for the first time ever to Japan and wrestle. With WWE, every time we did a tour in Japan, I was always on a different tour,” Rosser said, “or not on a tour at all. So, I have not physically competed in Japan, so, that’s my big test, you know?”

Also asked about his potential interest in the New Japan/IMPACT crossover due to being available domestically, Rosser said he’s focused on New Japan and named a few potential opponents once the international borders open back up for travel.

“I’ve never performed in front of a New Japan crowd before, so that’s the true test and I’m either going to sh-t the bed or these people are going to like what I’m delivering and they obviously are because to me,” Rosser explained, “it’s special to have the match of the year [with Tom Lawlor on NJPW Strong] and have what I’ve heard to be 15,000 to 20,000 fans vote for your match to be match of the year with New Japan Strong.”

“So, again it’s very clear that I’m staying in my lane. IMPACT is great, AEW is great, even though they told me no, not once, not twice [laughs] but New Japan is my home,” Rosser stated, “and I’m happy with my home of New Japan and New Japan Strong. So, hopefully, I can work with the likes of [Hiroshi] Tanahashi, Kota [Ibushi], Shingo [Takagi] and a plethora of other guys; Will Ospreay is another that’s on my bucket list of guys that I want to work with.”

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