Tyler Breeze Expresses Doubt About Breezango’s Chances of Winning Tag Titles on WWE Main Roster

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Tyler Breeze and Fandango found success in WWE as a tag team known as Breezango where they made the most of limited opportunities with the Fashion Files.

They won the NXT Tag Team Championships in 2020 but never held gold on the main roster. While speaking on Unscriptify, Breeze was asked if he believed they would ever win the tag team titles on the main roster.


“I don’t think so. I don’t think it would have ever happened on Raw or SmackDown. There was a time where we got really hot as a babyface tag team and they were really behind what we were doing. They loved the Fashion Files, they really liked what we were doing and they cared about us to the point where, we did some in-ring promos with New Day, and we were right in there with them. It wasn’t these random guys that no one cared about. It was right there where they could have done something good with us. There was one or two times where they were going to make us number one contenders or do something, and it was the only time where I thought, ‘Man, I think they missed the boat on how hot we were right there.’ I just don’t know if they would have ever really let it go. It would have been what it would have been, and then away we go. Going to NXT was the right call,” said Breeze.

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Tyler Breeze and Fandango, collectively known as Breezango, had a successful run in WWE as a tag team. Despite limited opportunities, they made a significant impact with their entertaining segments called the Fashion Files. However, while they won the NXT Tag Team Championships in 2020, they never held gold on the main roster. In a recent interview on Unscriptify, Breeze expressed his doubts about ever winning the tag team titles on Raw or SmackDown.

Breeze mentioned that there was a time when Breezango gained popularity as a babyface tag team, and the audience was fully invested in their characters and storylines. The Fashion Files, in particular, received a lot of love from fans. Breeze recalled moments when they had in-ring promos with New Day and were on par with them in terms of popularity. He believed that there were opportunities for them to become number one contenders or achieve something significant, but unfortunately, those chances slipped away.

Reflecting on their time in WWE, Breeze admitted that he didn’t think the company would have ever fully capitalized on their momentum. He felt that they might have been given a brief push, but it wouldn’t have lasted long. Ultimately, Breeze believes that going back to NXT was the right decision for them.

Moving to NXT allowed Breezango to showcase their skills and connect with the audience on a deeper level. They were able to reignite their careers and find success once again. Breeze’s comments suggest that he feels NXT provided them with better opportunities to shine and be appreciated for their talents.

While Breezango may not have achieved tag team championship success on the main roster, their time in WWE was not in vain. They left a lasting impression on fans with their unique characters and entertaining segments. The Fashion Files became a fan-favorite and showcased their comedic timing and chemistry as a team.

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In conclusion, Breezango’s journey in WWE may not have resulted in tag team championship success on the main roster, but they made the most of their opportunities and left a lasting impact on fans. Their popularity as a babyface tag team and the success of the Fashion Files showcased their potential for greatness. Moving to NXT allowed them to further explore their talents and find success in a different setting. Regardless of their championship accolades, Breezango’s entertaining performances will always be remembered by fans.