‘Every AEW Match Has Seen Me Unwell,’ Reveals Will Ospreay

‘Every AEW Match Has Seen Me Unwell,’ Reveals Will Ospreay
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On the “Swerve City” podcast episode, Will Ospreay recently opened up about feelings of nausea he has been dealing with during his recent matches. He remarked that it could be due to anxiety or possibly the grueling travel schedule he keeps.

Within the next fortnight, Ospreay is slated to step into the ring with Roderick Strong, challenging him for the AEW International Championship. This much-awaited clash is scheduled for the AEW Double or Nothing 2024 event. This sports extravaganza will witness the fight on May 26, Sunday, in the iconic MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Below are some standout moments from the podcast episode:

Ospreay sharing his struggle with potential anxiety or exhaustion: “I’ve been grappling with feelings of sickness which I’m unable to pinpoint. It might just be anxiety or maybe it’s the draining effect of excessive travel. Every single week, I embark on a journey from London, Heathrow, to whichever state the match is in. But, the feeling of sickness is real and it grips me during my matches—even during my bout with Cesaro, I was on the verge of throwing up in the ring.”

Ospreay on finally feeling a sense of belonging after facing Bryan Danielson: “I was consumed with worry, cautioning myself repeatedly not to give in to my body’s instinct to be sick. But as soon as the bell started ringing, the feelings dissipated. Nothing was holding me back, making me question whether I was out of place. Unlike during my matches with Kenny and Jericho—where I felt like an underdog—for the first time, I truly felt I belonged.”

You can take a look at the “Swerve City Podcast Episode 75 feat. Will Ospreay” below: