Roode & Ziggler Overcome Heavy Machinery, Retain WWE Tag Team Championship

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Roode & Ziggler Overcome Heavy Machinery, Retain WWE Tag Team Championshipdolph ziggler

The “season premiere” of WWE RAW got its first title match tonight as Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode looked to defend their RAW Tag Team Championships against Heavy Machinery.

#HeavyMachinery's power is on display as they take it to the #RAW Tag Team Champions!@otiswwe @tuckerwwe @HEELZiggler @RealRobertRoode

— WWE (@WWE) October 1, 2019

It was a great display for Otis and Tucker early on as Heavy Machinery completely dominated Ziggler and Roode. They were able to lift up both foes with ease and slam them down heavy on the mat. However, the veteran savvy of the champs got them back into the match. Ziggler began to grind on Tucker, and wouldn’t allow him to tag in Otis.

Roode was then tagged in and delivered a huge spinebuster on Tucker, but the Heavy Machinery member managed to kick out. Ziggler came back in, but his hubris went against him as Tucker was able to break free and tag in Otis. With the hot tag made, Otis started tossing both of the tag champs around and performed a double caterpillar. He then tagged his partner, but Ziggler was able to hit a ZigZag on Tucker and then superkick both of them. This allowed Roode to hit a Glorious DDT for the win.

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