Ronda Rousey Reveals Incident of Drew Gulak Grabbing Her Sweatpants String Backstage in WWE

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Ronda Rousey claims she once confronted Drew Gulak after he grabbed the strings of her sweatpants while they were working together in WWE.

Speaking in a recent interview with NewsNation, the former WWE Superstar was asked if she ever experienced misconduct from Vince McMahon or anyone else while working for the company.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On if she ever experienced misconduct from McMahon: “Not Vince personally, towards me, but the company culture, definitely. One time I was waiting to go talk to Triple H in the writer’s room. I was standing there with Bruce Prichard and another one of the writers and — god, I forgot his name. I can’t believe I forgot this guy’s name. It’ll come back to me. Anyway, I’m standing there, and this guy that was like barely even an acquaintance with grabs the string of my sweatpants as I’m walking by. And nobody — like, I wasn’t even looking at him…but this guy grabs the string of my sweatpants, and no one reacts as if this is abnormal. He grabs it and starts going down the hall, and I’m just like, ‘What the f**k was that? Why are you grabbing the string of my sweatpants? If my husband was standing here next to me, would you feel comfortable walking up to me and grabbing the string of my sweatpants?’

“But nobody around me acted as if it was abnormal. All the guys around me were just like it’s part of the day. I’m like, if this guy is coming up to me and doing this kind of stuff to me where there are other people around, what’s happening to these other girls when it’s not in a hallway. That really put me on edge to where not only is this behavior prevalent, but it’s so prevalent that people don’t even realize it’s a problem anymore.”

On who it was and confronting her: “Drew Gulak, that’s who it was. I confronted him later and I was like, ‘If I ever hear about you putting your hands on any other woman like this or doing anything like this to me ever again, we’re going to have a problem.’ He was like, ‘No, no, no. I’m glad you said something to me.’ He really backpedaled, but it put a sour taste in my mouth about the culture there and what’s considered acceptable on how to touch and treat the women in the hallways, and anywhere.”

Former WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey recently spoke out about an incident involving Drew Gulak, where he inappropriately grabbed the strings of her sweatpants while they were working together in WWE. In a recent interview with NewsNation, Rousey discussed her experience with misconduct and shed light on the prevalent culture within the company.

When asked if she had ever experienced misconduct from Vince McMahon or anyone else in the company, Rousey stated that while not personally from McMahon, the company culture was definitely a factor. She recounted an incident where she was waiting to speak with Triple H in the writer’s room. Standing there with Bruce Prichard and another writer, a man she barely knew grabbed the string of her sweatpants as she walked by. Shockingly, nobody reacted as if this behavior was abnormal.

Rousey expressed her disbelief and questioned why this individual felt comfortable grabbing her sweatpants string. She wondered if he would have done the same if her husband had been standing next to her. The lack of reaction from those around her made her realize that such behavior was considered acceptable and prevalent within the company.

This incident not only put Rousey on edge but also made her concerned about what might be happening to other women when they were not in public spaces like hallways. It highlighted the normalization of inappropriate behavior towards women within the WWE.

Rousey later revealed that the person responsible for the incident was Drew Gulak. She confronted him and made it clear that such actions were unacceptable. Gulak backpedaled and assured her that he understood the gravity of his actions. However, this encounter left Rousey with a sour taste in her mouth regarding the culture within the company and how women were treated and touched.

The incident involving Rousey and Gulak has sparked a conversation about the treatment of women in WWE and the need for a change in the company’s culture. It raises questions about how prevalent such behavior is and whether it extends beyond what happens in public spaces.

Rousey’s decision to speak out about her experience sheds light on the importance of addressing and rectifying misconduct within the wrestling industry. It serves as a reminder that inappropriate behavior should never be tolerated, regardless of the setting or the individuals involved.

As the wrestling community continues to evolve and strive for inclusivity and respect, incidents like these should be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. It is crucial for companies like WWE to create a safe and respectful environment for all their employees, regardless of gender.

Rousey’s openness about her experience with misconduct in WWE serves as a catalyst for change and emphasizes the need for a cultural shift within the industry. It is a reminder that everyone deserves to work in an environment free from harassment and inappropriate behavior.