Latest WWE Updates: Grizzled Young Veterans, Kairi Sane/Logan Paul, Francine, and RAW Highlights

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Former WWE Superstars The Grizzled Young Veterans (The Dyad) have been announced for a big title matchup at House Of Glory Wrestling’s ‘The Darkest Hour’ event on Friday, December 1.

James Drake and Zack Gibson will challenge The Mane Event for the HOG Tag Team Championships next month.


ECW Original Francine, The Queen of Extreme, has officially relaunched her podcast, Eyes Up Here, which is part of iHeartMedia. The inaugural episode of Francine’s podcast features WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray, and you can check out the full episode below:

WWE has released new t-shirts for the recently returned Kairi Sane and the newly crowned United States Champion Champion Logan Paul. You can check those out below:

And finally, you can check out some additional highlights from last night’s episode of WWE RAW below:

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House of Glory Wrestling’s upcoming event, ‘The Darkest Hour,’ is set to feature an exciting title matchup between The Grizzled Young Veterans and The Mane Event. Former WWE Superstars James Drake and Zack Gibson, known as The Grizzled Young Veterans, will challenge The Mane Event for the HOG Tag Team Championships on Friday, December 1.

The announcement was made by House of Glory Wrestling on Twitter, stating that The Mane Event will face their biggest challenge yet as they collide with the former NXT UK champions. The Grizzled Young Veterans are known for their impressive in-ring skills and have gained a reputation as one of the top tag teams in the wrestling industry.

Fans can expect an intense and action-packed match as both teams vie for the HOG Tag Team Championships. The Mane Event, consisting of two talented wrestlers, will need to bring their A-game to defend their titles against the formidable duo of James Drake and Zack Gibson.

In addition to this exciting matchup, ECW Original Francine has officially relaunched her podcast, ‘Eyes Up Here.’ The podcast, which is part of iHeartMedia, features interviews with various wrestling personalities. The inaugural episode features WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray, providing fans with an inside look into the world of professional wrestling.

WWE has also released new t-shirts for two notable wrestlers. Kairi Sane, who recently made her return to WWE, and Logan Paul, the newly crowned United States Champion, now have their own merchandise available on Fans can show their support for these wrestlers by purchasing their new tees.

For those who missed out on the latest episode of WWE RAW, highlights are available to catch up on the action. From Seth Rollins’ World Heavyweight Title Match against Sami Zayn to Nia Jax’s confrontation with Becky Lynch, fans can relive the most electrifying moments from the show.

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With exciting matchups, new merchandise releases, and thrilling moments from WWE RAW, the world of professional wrestling continues to captivate fans worldwide.