Impending Announcement: WWE Nears Finalization of New TV Deal for NXT

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Pwinsider is reporting that WWE is on the verge of announcing a new TV deal for NXT.

The report notes that the CW Network and WWE have been in deep discussions for weeks about NXT, which currently airs on the USA Network. The plan would be for NXT to move off the USA Network in 2024 and air live weekly on the CW Network.


The belief is that the deal is very close to being done, with the deal expected to be around five years in length, and it would easily be the biggest increase for WWE NXT media rights fees ever.

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WWE NXT Reportedly Set to Sign New TV Deal with CW Network

According to a report from Pwinsider, WWE is on the verge of announcing a new television deal for its popular brand, NXT. The report suggests that the company has been engaged in deep discussions with the CW Network for several weeks, with plans for NXT to move from its current home on the USA Network to the CW Network in 2024.

The potential deal is expected to be around five years in length, making it the longest TV deal in NXT’s history. It is also anticipated to be the most lucrative, with the media rights fees seeing a significant increase. This move would mark a major milestone for NXT, as it transitions to a new network and expands its reach to a wider audience.

NXT has gained a loyal following since its inception in 2010, known for its emphasis on in-ring action and showcasing emerging talent. The brand has become a breeding ground for future WWE Superstars, with many top performers honing their skills and gaining recognition through their time in NXT before moving up to the main roster.

The potential move to the CW Network could provide NXT with even greater exposure and visibility. The network is known for its successful lineup of shows targeting younger audiences, making it an ideal platform for NXT’s high-energy, action-packed programming.

While the deal has not been officially announced yet, insiders suggest that it is very close to being finalized. If everything goes according to plan, fans can expect to see NXT airing live on the CW Network on a weekly basis starting in 2024.

This new TV deal signifies WWE’s commitment to the growth and expansion of NXT as a brand. With its own dedicated show, NXT has been able to carve out its own niche within the wrestling industry and attract a passionate fanbase. Moving to the CW Network would further solidify NXT’s position as a major player in the wrestling landscape.

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In conclusion, the potential TV deal between WWE NXT and the CW Network represents an exciting development for both the brand and its fans. With increased exposure and a new network home, NXT has the opportunity to reach even greater heights in the world of professional wrestling.