Dolph Ziggler’s Impact on Big E’s Career: A Deep Appreciation for His Contributions

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Big E became a part of the WWE main roster when he joined forces with AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler on WWE RAW in December 2012. Big E was there when Ziggler became the World Heavyweight Champion.

During a recent appearance on HOT 97, the topic of Ziggler’s WWE departure was brought up. The New Day member said,


“I just have a lot of respect for him. At the time, he didn’t really need me. I felt like the company was trying to force him to have a heater, and he was over enough, he was willing it enough to not need me. He should have had that opportunity without me, without all that stuff. So I appreciate him kind of taking me under his wing. When I first started, my very first moment on the main roster was laying out John Cena in Philly to close the show. So I am so appreciative of that opportunity. To get to travel the world with Dolph, to learn from him, to be ringside… I still remember vividly, it was at Madison Square Garden, the main event is Cena and Ziggler in a Steel Cage. I’m there ringside, I’m there listening, hearing the crowd, learning. So it was the best learning experience being under Dolph. He’s the smoothest [in the ring], no one’s better. So salute to him, and I just appreciate all he did for me and my career. But yeah, he’s the man.”

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Big E, a prominent WWE wrestler, recently shared his appreciation for Dolph Ziggler and the impact he had on his career. In an interview with HOT 97, Big E expressed his respect for Ziggler and how he helped him during his early days in the WWE.

Big E joined the WWE main roster in December 2012, teaming up with AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler on WWE RAW. During this time, Ziggler became the World Heavyweight Champion, and Big E was there to witness and support him. Reflecting on their partnership, Big E mentioned that he felt the company was trying to push Ziggler to have a “heater” or a sidekick, but Ziggler’s talent and popularity were enough for him to stand on his own.

Despite this, Ziggler took Big E under his wing and provided him with valuable opportunities to learn and grow in the wrestling industry. Big E recalled his first moment on the main roster, where he laid out John Cena in Philadelphia to close the show. He expressed his gratitude for Ziggler’s guidance and the chance to travel the world with him, learning from his experience.

One particular memory that stood out for Big E was being ringside at Madison Square Garden during a Steel Cage match between Cena and Ziggler. He described it as the best learning experience, listening to the crowd and observing Ziggler’s smoothness in the ring. Big E praised Ziggler’s skills, stating that no one is better than him.

Overall, Big E expressed his appreciation for all that Ziggler did for him and his career. He acknowledged Ziggler as a mentor figure who played a significant role in his development as a wrestler. Big E’s words highlight the camaraderie and support that exists within the WWE community.

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In conclusion, Big E’s heartfelt appreciation for Dolph Ziggler sheds light on the mentorship and support that exists within the WWE. It showcases the impact one wrestler can have on another’s career and the importance of learning from experienced individuals in the industry.