Asuka Affirms She’s Battling a Knee Ailment, Plus Updates on Montez Ford

Asuka Affirms She’s Battling a Knee Ailment, Plus Updates on Montez Ford
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Wrestler Asuka confirmed through her YouTube channel that she has sustained a knee injury, presumably during the WWE’s recent European tour. Asuka, a member of Damage CTRL, acknowledged that she has been experiencing knee pain for some time and is now taking necessary steps to address it.

In the caption of her video, she expressed gratitude towards her comrades Kairi and Dakota who, she mentioned, provided immense support during the tour due to her impaired mobility. She said, “My partners Kairi and Dakota helped me a lot during this tour as I could not move at my best. I am very grateful to both of them.”

There is currently no update on the extent of Asuka’s injury and how long she will be absent from the ring. We join the wrestling community in wishing her a swift and complete recovery.

Meanwhile, fellow wrestler Montez Ford appeared as a guest on WWE’s “The Bump”. He discussed several topics, sharing his perspective on younger talent’s disrespect towards Bobby Lashley, the current crop of upcoming talent, among others.

The interview includes the following highlight comments:

In response to Bobby Lashley’s comments, Ford shared: “Again, the blatant disrespect of these rookies, thinking they own the place. Do they understand what The Pride stands for? Do they realize we’re fighters and we’ve been dominating for quite some time? The audacity of these cubs to think they can waltz in and claim ownership…that’s precisely what Bobby is implying.”

When queried about the new talent, he responded, “These young ones, saying ‘this place is mine’, underestimating The Pride. They’re sadly mistaken. Yes, they’ve ascended, congratulations. But, the area, the space, is what we’re familiar with. They’re not. They might need to adjust, learn, or face the consequences. That’s the way of the world, that’s just what it is.”