VIDEO – View The Clip of Liv Morgan’s Apprehension

VIDEO – View The Clip of Liv Morgan’s Apprehension
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In December 2023, law enforcement officials arrested WWE star Liv Morgan after a traffic stop in Florida. Her arrest was due to the alleged possession of marijuana, specifically less than 20 grams, drug paraphernalia, and potential synthetic cannabinoid substances. However, in January of the following year, the weightiest charge pertaining to possession of potentially synthetic cannabinoids was dismissed due to lack of sufficient proof.

Earlier in the same year, it was disclosed that the legal proceedings involving Morgan in Sumter County, Florida had come to a close. A No Contest plea was entered on Morgan’s behalf by her attorney, this means that while not formally admitting guilt, Morgan accepted the conviction as if she herself had pleaded guilty.

The court imposed a monetary penalty on Morgan, totaling 3.00, and as per the court records, no additional sanctions were administered.

As of today, the bodycam footage from Morgan’s arrest has been made publicly accessible. Although this incident could be considered “past news”, individuals who wish to view the footage of the arrest can do so via the link provided below.