Chris Jericho’s Perspective: AEW Shows Significant Improvement in Just One Month

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Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Chris Jericho discussed whether AEW is better now than it was a month ago.

Although CM Punk wasn’t mentioned, the difference in the promotion is that Punk is no longer part of the company.


“Yes, absteloyly. The short answer is yes. There’s also other people that are higher up in the company, we’re working together to suggest, and the thing with AEW is, we grew so fast. Look at our company now. Look at the infrastructure. I was reading WWE layoffs the other day, and there’s people, I’m like, what is this position? I don’t even know what this means. WWE has such a huge infrastructure. We do not. We need to grow that. But who’s the right people? We’ve got to identify the place where we need a little bit of growth and go from there. Tony is very organized, and Tony’s very passionate. But once again, here we are four years in. There’s a lot of stuff that none of us know. We’ve never ran our own company before, but we learned a lot from Vince. Tony’s Tony, Vince was Vince. You have to work within the boss’s system. It all rests in what Tony Khan want to do. What Tony Khan wants to do is continue to grow AEW. That’s what Chris Jericho wants to do, that’s what Bryan Danielson wants to do, that’s what Jon Moxley wants to do. So we’re all working together to patch up maybe some of the holes and continue to build this wall higher and higher and higher. To me, to see that growth so quickly is a little bit scary. We’re now figuring out what we need to do to continue to grow,” Jericho said.

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In a recent interview on Busted Open Radio, Chris Jericho, one of the biggest stars in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), discussed the growth and development of the promotion. When asked if AEW is better now than it was a month ago, Jericho responded with an emphatic “Yes.”

One significant change in the promotion is the absence of CM Punk, who recently left AEW. Although Punk wasn’t specifically mentioned during the interview, Jericho implied that his departure has had an impact on the company. However, Jericho also highlighted that AEW’s growth and improvement are not solely dependent on one individual.

Jericho acknowledged that AEW has experienced rapid growth since its inception. He pointed out the company’s infrastructure, comparing it to WWE’s massive organization. While WWE has faced recent layoffs, Jericho emphasized that AEW needs to focus on expanding its own infrastructure to support its growth. This includes identifying areas where improvement is needed and finding the right people to fill those roles.

Tony Khan, the founder and president of AEW, plays a crucial role in shaping the company’s direction. Jericho praised Khan’s organizational skills and passion for the business. However, he also acknowledged that running a company is a learning process for everyone involved. Drawing from his experience working with Vince McMahon in WWE, Jericho emphasized the importance of working within the boss’s system.

Jericho expressed his commitment to AEW’s continued growth, stating that it aligns with his own goals and those of other top stars like Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley. He emphasized the collaborative effort among the talent to identify and address any weaknesses within the company. The ultimate aim is to build AEW into a stronger entity.

The rapid growth of AEW has been both exciting and daunting for Jericho. While he appreciates the progress made so far, he also recognizes the need to strategize and plan for sustained growth. This requires careful consideration of the company’s needs and a commitment to filling any gaps that may hinder progress.

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In conclusion, Chris Jericho’s recent interview shed light on the growth and development of AEW. Despite the departure of CM Punk, Jericho believes that AEW is better now than it was a month ago. He emphasized the need to expand the company’s infrastructure and work together as a team to continue building AEW into a formidable force in the wrestling industry.