Aleister Black Comments On Finn Balor Coming Back To NXT

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Aleister Black Comments On Finn Balor Coming Back To NXTaleister black

WWE NXT star Aleister Black was recently interviewed by The Sun to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Black discussed former WWE Universal Champion Finn Balor coming back to NXT and his own meteoric rise within the company.

Check out the highlights here:

Finn Balor coming back to NXT:

It’s good old fashion hard work. Nothing comes easy, especially in this business. I’ve been involved in professional wrestling since 2000 when I started training and there hasn’t been one day that I haven’t put everything into it. It’s led me to so many great things, obviously it’s leading me into one of the most important stages of my career, being on RAW, under the guidance of Paul Heyman. It’s just hard work and anything who tells you different is either not understanding the process of how it works and will never get there, or is a liar!

His meteoric rise within WWE:

I thought it was phenomenal. I thought it was such a cool move. I think that shows how incredibly exciting the business is right now, literally anything can happen. There are so many cool surprises. I think it’s a very exciting move, I think it’s a very cool move, knowing Finn, he thrives everywhere he goes, he’s just that talented, that unique, that special. I definitely think it’s going to help NXT evolve to an even bigger platform.

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