TNA Talent Scheduled to Make Appearances on AXS TV Programming

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Pwinsider is reporting that several TNA wrestlers will be appearing on AXS TV programs to integrate the Anthem-owned promotion with the entertainment division.

Eric Young will host the second season of “Vinyl Obsession,” which is a series where “rockers search for vinyl treasures while reminiscing about their favorite bands and albums.”

Frankie Kazarian, Josh Alexander, and Young will also appear on AXS’ Top 10 Revealed and The Very Best of the 80s.

In an exciting development for wrestling fans, it has been announced that several TNA wrestlers will be making appearances on AXS TV programs. This move is aimed at integrating the Anthem-owned promotion with the entertainment division and creating new opportunities for TNA talent.

One of the notable appearances will be made by Eric Young, who will be hosting the second season of “Vinyl Obsession.” This series revolves around rockers searching for vinyl treasures while reminiscing about their favorite bands and albums. With Young’s passion for music and his charismatic personality, he is sure to bring a unique perspective to the show and engage viewers in a thrilling journey through the world of vinyl records.

Additionally, Frankie Kazarian, Josh Alexander, and Eric Young will also be featured on AXS TV’s “Top 10 Revealed” and “The Very Best of the 80s.” These programs delve into various aspects of pop culture, showcasing top ten lists and highlighting the best moments from the 80s. By having TNA wrestlers participate in these shows, AXS TV aims to tap into the popularity of professional wrestling and attract a wider audience.

This integration between TNA and AXS TV is a significant step forward for both promotions. It not only provides exposure for TNA wrestlers but also allows AXS TV to leverage the fanbase and following of TNA. By featuring TNA talent on their programs, AXS TV can attract wrestling enthusiasts who may not have been familiar with their other content, thereby expanding their viewership.

For TNA wrestlers, this collaboration opens up new avenues for growth and visibility. By appearing on AXS TV programs, they have the opportunity to showcase their skills and personalities to a broader audience. This exposure can lead to increased fan support, merchandise sales, and potentially even more significant opportunities within the entertainment industry.

The partnership between TNA and AXS TV is a win-win situation for both parties. It allows TNA to reach a wider audience and gain recognition beyond the wrestling community, while AXS TV benefits from the popularity and dedicated fanbase of TNA. This integration is a testament to the continued growth and evolution of professional wrestling as a form of entertainment that transcends traditional boundaries.

As fans eagerly anticipate the appearances of their favorite TNA wrestlers on AXS TV programs, it is clear that this collaboration will bring excitement, fresh perspectives, and new opportunities for everyone involved. Whether you are a wrestling enthusiast or a fan of pop culture, these upcoming episodes promise to be must-watch television.