The Bella Twins Become The Bella Moms In New Pregnancy Vlog

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The Bella Twins Become The Bella Moms In New Pregnancy Vlog

Brie Bella Nikki Bella

Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

The big story in the wrestling-related news of recent times has been both Nikki and Brie Bella becoming pregnant at the same time. The Bella Twins got exclusive coverage in People Magazine and revealed the news, and they’ve taken further details to a vlog on their shared YouTube channel.

Brie Bella found out about her pregnancy first by smelling imaginary smells on a flight to Europe. Her mother predicted it before she found out because of her odd behavior. She and husband Daniel Bryan had been trying for months for another kid and almost gave up, and that’s exactly when it happened. That’s just how life works.

Two days after all this, Nikki just had a feeling that she should take a pregnancy test, and it turned out positive. After surprising her husband (who asked “Is this yours?” when he found the positive test), she shared the news with her sister, who was angry and happy at the same time.

The pair plan to share their pregnancies with weekly updates on YouTube. Nikki will reveal the gender of her child before giving birth, but Bryan and Brie want to be surprised. You can follow along starting with the full update vlog embedded below:

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