Being The Elite Rocks Through Cleveland

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Being The Elite Rocks Through Cleveland

Photo Credit: Ricky Havlik

This week’s Being The Elite sees the AEW boys head through Cleveland, home to Superman, rock and roll, and an episode of Dynamite. In the opening segment, Matt Jackson’s dreams of being a barista are put on hold when Britt Baker’s Starbucks slam heads backstage. Brandon Cutler also doesn’t get a chance to talk about his win-loss record with The Elite, feeding into rumors that he might be headed into the Dark Order.

Speaking of, later in the episode, Kaz and Scorpio Sky find a Dark Order mask hidden in Cristopher Daniel’s luggage. He’s been linked to the group before in rumors, especially considering his past life as the Fallen Angel in various promotions. Will we see a new member join the dark cult before too long? Or, is Daniels secretly the puppetmaster behind it all? We’ll have to keep watching to find out.

Elsewhere in the episode, we get a few more assorted happenings. There’s a tour of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which includes a shot of Orange Cassidy chillaxin with a ukulele. Private Party prepares for their Dynamite match backstage only to say the forbidden phrase “LAX.” This summons Ortiz momentarily, but he doesn’t stick around to prove he’s the best.

For the full episode #189, be sure to check out the video embedded below:

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