Street Profits On Cryme Tyme’s Legacy: They Were The Cornerstone

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Street Profits On Cryme Tyme’s Legacy: They Were The Cornerstone

street profits

Photo Credit: WWE

The Street Profits realize how much of an influence Cryme Tyme had on their careers, and believe a match against each other would have been a genuine full-circle moment.

In a new interview with Alistair McGeorge of Metro, the Street Profits talked about Cryme Tyme’s impact on WWE, with Angelo Dawkins adding that they’d met before Shad Gaspard passed away and it was a fruitful exchange.

“They were the cornerstone. They crawled so we could walk, they walked so we could run. But nah, JTG and Shad were cool,” Dawkins said. “We met them at WrestleMania in New York, we finally met them there. They were cool, they gave us a lot of advice and basically told us to keep doing what we doing and they told us straight up that we were one of the dream matches. I was like, ‘Hey, whenever y’all want the smoke, let me know fam!’”

“We may not have the time here to have that dream match, but I’m pretty sure we’ll all get to it eventually on the other side,’ Ford added.

Ford called the idea of a match between the two a blessing and a gift, and called their meeting a bittersweet moment.

“I remember that very bittersweet moment at the time ’cause we didn’t know what was the last time we’d see Big G. Just looking back on that, I didn’t even realize how much more special that was, and motivating too. Like Dawks said, having those cornerstones as a young tag team watching wrestling, it would’ve come full circle. For them to tell us, we’re a dream match they want after we watched them growing up,” Ford noted, “that’s a blessing and a gift in itself.”

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