Shawn Michaels: The WWE Performance Center Would’ve Helped Me A Great Deal

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Shawn Michaels: The WWE Performance Center Would’ve Helped Me A Great Deal

shawn michaels

Photo by Bob Levey/WireImage

During last night’s media call after NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, Shawn Michaels discussed how he wishes he had the resources at the WWE Performance Center during his early career. Michaels, who had many attitude and drug issues early in his career, feels like the WWE supports their performers better than ever now with the PC and the training staff.

“I think me at that age, the structure would’ve helped me a great deal. You have people and given my past and everything else, we talk very real with everybody. That is something that I think would’ve helped. It’s something I’ve thought about before. I really think I could’ve used this kind of structure, this kind of team, this kind of support. People, again, not telling you this is cool when it really isn’t. Not being afraid to be honest and open with you, and letting you know when you were screwing up.

“That’s what I love about this place. Everybody is really hands on here. Everything is very personal here. We’re allowed to have relationships with these young men and women where you can really get to know them. That helps a great deal. For someone like me, this wasn’t just business for me. It was very personal for me. I’ve had two loves in my life: wrestling and the woman I’m still married to. I think it would’ve really helped to have people be open, honest and have people support you.”

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