Sami Callihan Thinks IMPACT Did Pandemic-Era Wrestling Better Than Anyone, He’s Not The Bad Guy Against Kenny Omega

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Sami Callihan Thinks IMPACT Did Pandemic-Era Wrestling Better Than Anyone, He’s Not The Bad Guy Against Kenny Omega

Sami Callihan IMPACT Wrestling

Image Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Sami Callihan is determined to regain his status as the face of IMPACT Wrestling and he’ll have the chance to do so in his IMPACT World Championship match with Kenny Omega at Slammiversary.

In an interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, Callihan explained why he’s not the bad guy in his feud with “The Belt Collector.” He argued that while he has always fought for IMPACT Wrestling, Omega has been disrespecting the company since he arrived.

“At the end of the day, Kenny Omega came to IMPACT Wrestling and not only disrespected our locker room, he disrespected the company I love,” said Callihan. “Everybody wants to look at me like the bad guy, but I’ve been fighting for IMPACT Wrestling since I stepped foot in the company. Why? Because I love IMPACT Wrestling. There might be some people on the roster that tries to use IMPACT,” he noted, “but IMPACT is where I always wanted to be.”

Callihan shared his belief that he has helped make IMPACT Wrestling “relevant again”, even in today’s crowded professional wrestling industry. He stated that IMPACT Wrestling is one of the best companies in the business, and the company excelled more than any of its competitors during the pandemic era.

“I think IMPACT did ‘Covid wrestling’ better than anyone else,” said Callihan. “I think it truly gave people a chance to see how good IMPACT’s storytelling is and how good it is on an episodic basis. I don’t think there is a better show weekly, I don’t think there is a more reliable and consistent show than IMPACT and I think we show that each and every week.”

The former IMPACT World Champion also explained that the company regularly delivers exemplary pay-per-view events, and he expects Slammiversary to continue this pattern.

“As far as pay-per-views go, I don’t think anyone has better PPVs than us and that’s any company,” said Callihan. “That’s not me just tooting the horn of the company I work for; if you look at our track record for PPV, every single one we have is a PPV of the year contender and Slammiversary is our biggest show of the year and I think this is the PPV where it makes people go, once again, ‘Yo, IMPACT Wrestling is here to stay.’”

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