RVD: My Hall Of Fame Induction Gives My Career Genuine Credibility, I Want To See Sabu Get Inducted

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RVD: My Hall Of Fame Induction Gives My Career Genuine Credibility, I Want To See Sabu Get Inducted

rob van dam

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam recently explained that his induction has finally given his career undeniable credibility.

In an appearance on WWE After The Bell, RVD shared his thoughts on his Hall of Fame induction, and he stated that a “good” career in wrestling is subjective, but this new honor can’t be topped.

“It feels like it’s some credibility that can’t be taken away,” said RVD. “Everything is up for opinion, you know, and the whole idea of a good anything is subjective. So this kinda takes the place of a lot of that, by at least saying, ‘Hey, the standard-setters see it this way.’

“To me, when I think about it, it’s gotta be better than winning any world championships because I don’t imagine everybody that ever gets to hold a world championship is probably as impactful on everybody’s lives. Probably not every champion is gonna be as memorable.”

RVD also made it clear that he had been satisfied when fans said he was worthy of the honor, but he feels validated by the official recognition.

“For the last several years, when I would get interviewed or even just talk to fans, they would often say, ‘Future Hall of famer.’ And really just that they saw me as that worthy was really good enough for me. So I didn’t really know if this was gonna happen or not, being actually inducted. But having Vince McMahon and also Hunter to officiate and credit everything that I’ve done as a body of a career, that’s pretty awesome.”

Finally, RVD made his case as to why ECW legend Sabu should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“I would love to see Sabu inducted into the Hall of Fame,” said RVD. “I feel like, on a lot of grounds, that he should have been inducted before me, you know. He was my mentor, my trainer…. Definitely, I would like to see Sabu inducted on a legend level. I totally think he deserves it, and I think he would have to maybe do a little bit of repairing on some of the image tarnishing that has been done.”

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