NXT Fans At Full Sail Have Reported Concerns With Live Shows Since Going To USA Network

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NXT Fans At Full Sail Have Reported Concerns With Live Shows Since Going To USA NetworkNXT

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that some of the NXT fans who attend Full Sail on a regular basis have been a little disappointed since the show has gone live on USA Network.

According to Meltzer in his latest Observer Newsletter, fans have had a few complaints since NXT has gone to primetime television. One concern was how the commercial break effected the live action in the ring. Matches such as the NXT North American Title bout between Velveteen Dream and Roderick Strong got the non-action treatment and even the heralded four-way bout between the NXT women suffered from four minutes of relatively slow-paced ring work.

Another complaint is the talent having less interaction with the live crowd. Before going live on USA, NXT talent would hang out with fans beforehand at the food trucks outside and would attend the Ale House afterwards too (Triple H recently was recorded attending the Ale House to personally thank fans) At the first taping there were no food trucks as the talent was treated to WWE catering instead. In addition, talent would previously park in the Full Sail lot so interaction was in full force as stars would mingle with the fans before and after the event in that capacity. Now they are parked in the back lot which is inaccessible to fans. Another reported tradition that has also gone to the wayside since the tapings started turning is fans & talent ordering dinner before the show.

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