Mustafa Ali Reflects On Injury Earlier This Year, Says He Didn’t Miss His Purpose

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Mustafa Ali Reflects On Injury Earlier This Year, Says He Didn’t Miss His Purpose

mustafa ali

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Mustafa Ali was hurt earlier this year, and forced to pull himself out of the 2019 Elimination Chamber pay-per-view as a result. Earlier today, Ali took to social media to discuss the injury, where he revealed that he actually did attempt to wrestle through the injuries.

In the message, Ali discusses the injury and how he fought to get back to where he was, and how, despite losing out on an opportunity, he will continue to strive to be a light in the dark. You can check out the entire note below:

I’ve been reminded, every day, that getting injured earlier this year took away the biggest opportunity of my life.

What people don’t know is I tried to fight through the injury. I wrestled another 3 shows (my choice) before finally collapsing backstage. I tried so hard to get to my feet because I knew if I didn’t get up this opportunity will be gone. I guess I took too long to get to my feet. And just like that, the opportunity was gone.

Everyday this year all I can think about is, “Why couldn’t you hold on a little longer?”

Despite coming back, producing my own vignettes, getting in the best shape of my life and having a story that literally rites itself, I haven’t been able to get close to that opportunity again. Lost in the shuffle. I thought 2019 was going to be the year that the dream turned into a nightmare.

Then, I see a photo like this. I see what I want this world to be. I see who I want to be. I see I’ve got to travel the world and breakdown barriers and shatter stereotypes. For those of you that know my story, you know that I use to play a stereotypical role as an evil foreigner and one day I saw young boy with blonde hair and blue eyes in the crowd. I saw fear on his face. I saw that I taught him to hate people that look like me.

And now, I’m able to right that wrong. I’m able to bring light to the dark.

I may have missed out on an opportunity, but I didn’t miss out on my purpose.

The truth about getting injured and 2019.
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— Mustafa Ali / Adeel Alam (@AliWWE) December 18, 2019