Miz & Maryse Initially Moved Out Of Los Angeles Due To Attempted Home Invasions

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Miz & Maryse Initially Moved Out Of Los Angeles Due To Attempted Home Invasions

the miz

Photo by: Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The Miz was recently a guest on Barstool Sports’ KFC Radio, where he spoke about the reason for his initial move away from Los Angeles. According to the superstar, the reason was that there were multiple attempted break-ins at their home, leading Miz and Marsye to leave the state and move to Texas for a year.

The information came as a result of Miz being asked what he would do if a zombie apocalypse were to happen. In answering the question, Miz revealed the situation, and also talked about why he’s more cautious now. “No, I’m ready to fight. Are you kidding me? I’ve got guns,” he said (transcription via Post Wrestling’s Andrew Thompson). “I’ve got a shotgun and I’ve got a 9mm. I never was a gun guy, until I lived in Los Angeles like in Hollywood and I have a family, right? And I would leave and they always tell you, ‘Don’t ever tell anyone where you live,’ or not where you live but that you’re leaving. Don’t put it on Instagram, this is live, but I’m on a live television show. Like what do you want me to do? And I’ll never forget, I put cameras all over my house and my house had an attempted break-in, and it happened on numerous weeks. So, I took my wife [Maryse], I was like, ‘Look, you’re getting a gun. We’re gonna take you, we’re gonna learn how to shoot ‘em and figure out the best possible way to do that so we are protected if we ever need to be protected.’ Who knows what would’ve happened. There was four guys. Four grown men coming into my house. Who knows what could’ve happened, you know?”

Miz went on to say that now that they’re back in California, they live in a guarded community to prevent the situation from happening again. “Yeah [that was the reason Maryse put the house on the market and she and Miz moved to Texas]. We moved out of there and we actually left Los Angeles and we moved to Texas for a year and then now, we’re in a guard-gated community. We have gates, the whole shabang. Really high-alert security.”

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