IMPACT Wrestling Results (11/17/20)

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IMPACT Wrestling Results (11/17/20)

IMPACT Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling, November 17, 2020
Commentators: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne

No Disqualification
Moose vs. Willie Mack

Willie Mack immediately trips up and fires away at Moose. Double dropkick followed by a bicycle kick in the corner then a cannonball. Moose bails.

Willie goes to the outside and slugs him before slamming him into the post. Chops in the corner of the barricade. Willie goes to splash him but the big man gets tossed over the guard rail.

Moose throws him hard back over and them sends him back into the barricade once more. He says this message is for Rich Swann. He throws Willie once more into the barricade. Moose calls out Swann once more. He slams Willie on the apron before finally taking the action back into the ring and raking the face of Willie. Very tight sleeper on Willie, but he elbows free. Hard shot from with followed by a spinning forearm. Moose nips up and delivers a dropkick. Willie is down. He gets a stomp to the chest. Stomp to the leg. Stomp to the left hand. Moose steps on Willie’s skull using the corner of leverage.

A big stomp to the left ankle of Moose. He implores Willie to look at the people at home and tell them that he’s a wrestling god. Willie doesn’t and Moose continues his attack by sending him into the opposite corner.

Moose sizes Willie up before charging. Willie avoids him two as Moose crashes into the opposite corners. The two trade shots in the middle of the ring. Willie soon fires up and gets several shots off before hitting with several lariats that doesn’t down Moose. He catches Willie with a pump kick but Willie catches him with a Samoan drop. Standing moonsault gets a near fall.

Willie goes for a uranage but Moose does the same. Willie attempts a stunner, but Moose shoves him off. Willie soon hits a real big slam on Moose and climbs up top for the six-star frog splash. Moose moves and both men struggle to their feet. Willie hits a stunner, but Moose hits his Lights Out spear. Moose goes back to the mounted position and begins delivering elbows to Mack. The ref has to call the bell as Willie is out.

WINNER via KO decision: Moose

After the bell rings, Moose continues his assault before telling production to play his music.