Michael Nakazawa On Backstage Commitments At AEW & His In-Ring Style

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Michael Nakazawa On Backstage Commitments At AEW & His In-Ring Style

AEW Superstar Michael Nakazawa recently spoke to Sportskeeda and revealed some backstage commitments that he has to All Elite Wrestling behind the scenes, and discusses his unique in-ring style.

Here are some highlights:

Michael Nakazawa Talks Helping Behind The Scenes At AEW:

“I’m a lot more involved in the backstage area than I am as a wrestler, assisting Kenny and helping the Japanese talent.”

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Michael Nakazawa Talks The Wednesday Night War:

“AEW has just begun and it is a very close and family-like place. Everyone is doing their absolute best to put on the best show. I think NXT is competition but everyone in the company is focused on AEW right now.”

Michael Nakazawa On His In-Ring Style:

“I was very happy, I could work in the US, which is what I always wanted to do, I could work with my friends, and help in any way to make a difference. I’m not Kenny Omega or Ibushi, but I do my best. I know those two wrestle at a different level.”

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