Matt Cardona Dedicates A Chicken Nugget To Effy, Wants To Get Him The Eff Out

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Matt Cardona Dedicates A Chicken Nugget To Effy, Wants To Get Him The Eff Out

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Photo Credit: Earl Gardner Photography

Matt Cardona has regained his Internet Championship, just as he promised he would. But he’s still not satisfied.

In a video he posted on his Twitter page, not even a chicken nugget from McDonalds could satiate him. In a heated message following his triumph over Effy at GCW Fight Club, Cardona dedicated a chicken nugget from McDonalds to his foe before he explained that his new goal is to “get the Effy out” of GCW and wrestling itself.

“Effy, I’m dedicating this chicken nugget to you,” said Cardona. “You put up a great match, but you lost, dude. And it’s not over between us, you know, because it’s not enough to just get my title back. I want to get the Effy out, and not just out of GCW, but out of this wrestling business. You’re a fraud. You were a fraud champion, you’re a fraud professional wrestler, and we gotta get rid of you. Sorry pal.”

My heartfelt message to @EFFYlives.

Brought to you by @McDonalds.

— Matt Cardona (@TheMattCardona) October 10, 2021

Effy memorably won the Internet Championship from Cardona at GCW Get Lostalot, setting up a Title vs. GCW Career match at the Fight Club event. Thanks to some timely help from Chelsea Green, Cardona emerged victorious. Based on this video, it’s clear that he’s not done with Effy yet.

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