LISTEN NOW: Triple H NXT TakeOver: In Your House Media Call (Full Audio)

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LISTEN NOW: Triple H NXT TakeOver: In Your House Media Call (Full Audio & Highlights)

Highlights include:

Triple H starts the call by addressing George Floyd’s murder and the quarantine, addresses bringing back In Your House. He thinks it’s a retro theme (In Your House) with a fond memory, but it will be updated for today’s standards

HHH praises the women in the six-person tag match, Johnny Gargano’s recent turn. He brings something unique to a match with Keith Lee. He argues Lee had the best 2019 in WWE, adds that Rhea Ripley is up there with having a great 2019 as well. He says Karrion Kross has sparked a lot of interest and his match is a chance to really show people what he can do.

HHH asked about Florida opening venues to fans, if WWE will open to fans — he says they’re trying to figure out how to navigate it. They are trying to stick to CDC guidelines and gov’t feedback. Says all options are on the table but they need to understand it all.

HHH asked about Drake Maverick’s status with NXT — the tourney was already booked and then the releases happened. Nobody wants to cut jobs but it’s happening around the world. Difficult decisions were made. He says Maverick was given the option to continue and he took that chance. He praises Drake for his passion, and he captured people’s imaginations and earned his spot, and adds that they could ignore it or make something of it, and they did something with it.

HHH asked about Fabian Aichner; says they’ll bring in great performers from anywhere. They want great personalities and performers. The diversity of the roster is something to be proud of.

HHH asked about the cinematic quality of matches (Re: Dream / Cole) and what’s the ratio of live content vs taped — Dream vs. Cole is completed and says they were cautious of weather but everything else will be live.

HHH puts over the women’s roster. Says they put everything they have into their craft and it’s part of why it’s successful.

HHH asked about cinematic matches, says it’s been around before, cites Austin / Booker T and Halftime Heat. Says now it’s elevated to a new height. Jeremy Borash gets a lot of credit but it’s a total team effort. He says Borash and Matt Hardy definitely deserve credit for stepping things up (Broken Universe), but to say they started that movement would be inaccurate.

HHH asked about all talent receiving COVID-19 testing — they need to do what they’re told by medical experts. Once they have more widespread testing, they’ll do it, but right now the tests they are doing have worked.

HHH would love to bring NXT to India and develop that market more.

Triple H says In Your House definitely came back because of the current climate; it was a coincidence that it was the 25th anniversary and if it does well it could return.

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