Bobby Lashley Talks Support From WWE Stars For Black Lives Matter Movement

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Bobby Lashley Talks Support From WWE Stars For Black Lives Matter Movement

bobby lashley

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Bobby Lashley spoke with SportsKeeda about a wide range of topics including support from fellow WWE stars regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.

This comes after WWE shared a statement that noted their support for an inclusive society and condemning racial injustice. The country is offering its support to the family of George Floyd after his tragic passing.

Here is what Lashley had to say:

“I think with the Superstars, at least the ones that I’m more close with, I think everybody across the board, we’re on the same team right now, I think. I don’t think anybody is looking at our situation and saying anything negative towards it. Everybody’s on the same team as far as wanting to see some kind of change, some kind of resolution and some hands shaked, you know?”

“At the end of the day, we all want to get along, we all have a common goal of wanting to be happy. And if somebody doesn’t feel that they’re getting that happiness, then we need to find a way to make sure that that happens. And I think everybody’s on the same team and same thought process in that.

“So I’m pretty confident that we’re going to be working towards the right direction and I think the WWE is going to definitely show their side of the support that’s needed across the board and everybody else has shown support also. It’s been, it’s been awesome. I mean, there’s some bad things, of course, going on. But we’re more focusing on what’s more important and that’s the resolution.”