Latest Update on El Hijo Del Vikingo’s Injury

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El Hijo del Vikingo suffered a hip injury during last Saturday’s ROH TV tapings where he teamed with Gravity and Metalik against Tony Nese, Angelico, and Serpentico.

The high flyer suffered a deep bruise on his hip rather than a hip break.


The Wrestling Observer Radio has shared the following update on Vikingo and his scheduled AAA Mega Championship match in Mexico on Saturday, September 23 against Komander:

“He got hurt, as we talked about last night. He got hurt on Saturday night. And it’s a hip injury. He’s got a title match in Mexico on Saturday against Kommander, and the last I heard last night is that it’s not 100% that he won’t be doing it, although it’s probable. They’re holding out hope. He was talking like, ‘I’m going to try to rehab all week and see.’ There’s no guarantee that he’s wrestling on Saturday. It’s touch and go. So that’s the situation. But he could be out for a little while, but he didn’t break his hip, thank God. It was a pretty serious injury.”

Vikingo is one of the hottest talents currently, and the 26-year-old wrestler has competed for AEW, ROH, and AAA, on top of his indie bookings.

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El Hijo del Vikingo, a popular professional wrestler known for his high-flying moves, recently suffered a hip injury during a ROH TV taping. However, the injury is not as severe as initially feared, as he has been diagnosed with a deep bruise rather than a hip break.

The Wrestling Observer Radio provided an update on Vikingo’s condition and his upcoming AAA Mega Championship match against Komander in Mexico on September 23. While it is not certain whether he will be able to compete, there is still hope that he might be able to recover in time. Vikingo expressed his determination to rehabilitate throughout the week and make a decision closer to the match day. Although the situation remains uncertain, it is a relief that his hip is not fractured, as it could have resulted in a more serious injury.

El Hijo del Vikingo, at just 26 years old, is considered one of the hottest talents in professional wrestling today. He has competed for various promotions such as AEW, ROH, and AAA, in addition to his independent bookings. His high-flying style and impressive athleticism have garnered him a significant fan following.

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Injuries are an unfortunate part of any sport, and professional wrestling is no exception. However, with proper medical attention and rehabilitation, athletes like El Hijo del Vikingo can recover and return to the ring stronger than ever. Wrestling fans around the world will be eagerly awaiting updates on Vikingo’s condition and hoping for his speedy recovery.