Jesse Ventura reveals ongoing discussions with WWE about a Legends Contract.

Jesse Ventura reveals ongoing discussions with WWE about a Legends Contract.
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In a recent episode of the podcast “Frank Morano”, Jesse Ventura, previous WWE wrestler and commentator, revealed that he has entered talks with WWE once again. Ventura commented that,

“Discussions with them have been reignited. Currently, negotiations are ongoing. Currently, my attorney is in possession of contracts from WWE. Things remain uncertain at this point. They are considering re-employing me under their Legends deal. Reminiscing about the first WrestleMania, not many of us are left. That’s the harsh reality. Roddy, Orndoff, Andre, John Studd, Junkyard Dog are all gone. The list goes on and on.”

Ventura further stated that these negotiations with WWE wouldn’t have taken place unless substantial amendments had been effected in the company. In his words,

“Negotiations resurfaced only because of the company’s new direction.”

Ventura has had a longstanding relationship with WWE, having served as a wrestler before transitioning into a commentary role. Subsequent to this, he filed a lawsuit against the entity regarding royalty issues.

Predicated on the claim that Ventura could not receive royalties as a commentator because only on-screen talent were eligible for pay from Home Video releases, Vince McMahon denied Ventura his due.

However, upon discovering that some off-screen talent did indeed receive royalties, Ventura successfully sued for and was awarded 1,333 in court. McMahon allegedly expressed his disappointment post-trial with the expletive-laden phrase, “that’s my f*ing money!”.