Team 3D Now Available for Limited Bookings, Mickie James Commends Impact Knockouts Division

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Following Team 3D’s reunion for the first time in years at the recent Impact 1000 event, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray has announced that he and his tag team partner D-Von are accepting joint bookings together.

According to Bully, Team 3D will accept select bookings for signings and tag matches. He tweeted,


“Based on how much fun we had at #IMPACT1000 and @TestifyDVon feeling great, #Team3D has decided to take a very select amount of bookings for signings and maybe a few Tag matches.”

On Impact 1000, Team 3D defeated The Desi Hit Squad (Champagne Singh & Rohit Raju). It was Ray and D-Von’s first match as a team since 2016.

On a recent edition of “The Ten Count” podcast, former Knockouts Champion Mickie James explained why the women’s division is special. She said,

“The Knockouts division has always been special. It was always special because it was a movement, it was truly a movement… A lot of people don’t really throw a lot of credit back to The Beautiful People, who were a massive catalyst in getting the women more time on television. Because the ratings were so high, they would then go like, ‘Well, the women need two segments.”

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Team 3D, consisting of WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray and his tag team partner D-Von, recently announced that they will be accepting joint bookings together. This comes after their reunion at the Impact 1000 event, where they had their first match as a team since 2016.

Bully Ray took to Twitter to share the news, stating that based on the fun they had at Impact 1000 and D-Von feeling great, Team 3D has decided to accept a select number of bookings for signings and possibly a few tag matches. This announcement has excited fans who have been eagerly awaiting the return of this legendary tag team.

Team 3D’s victory at Impact 1000 against The Desi Hit Squad (Champagne Singh & Rohit Raju) showcased their skills and chemistry in the ring. It was a reminder of why they were one of the most dominant tag teams in professional wrestling history.

The reunion of Team 3D has generated buzz among wrestling fans and promoters alike. Serious promoters interested in booking the legendary tag team can contact them through the provided email address.

In addition to the news about Team 3D, former Knockouts Champion Mickie James recently spoke about the significance of the women’s division in wrestling. She highlighted the impact of The Beautiful People, a popular female faction, in advocating for more time for women on television. Their success and high ratings led to increased opportunities for female wrestlers, with women’s matches often receiving multiple segments on shows.

Mickie James’ comments shed light on the evolution of women’s wrestling and the efforts made by influential individuals and groups to push for equality and recognition within the industry. The Knockouts division, in particular, has been instrumental in showcasing the talent and athleticism of female wrestlers.

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The return of Team 3D and Mickie James’ insights into the women’s division serve as reminders of the rich history and ongoing evolution of professional wrestling. As fans eagerly anticipate future appearances and matches involving these iconic figures, the wrestling industry continues to thrive and captivate audiences worldwide.