Kyle O’Reilly Status Update In Latest NXT Injury Report

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Kyle O’Reilly Status Update In Latest NXT Injury Report

kyle o'reilly

Photo Credit: WWE

The latest NXT Injury Report comes with an update to Kyle O’Reilly after he returned to television on Wednesday night.

NXT saw O’Reilly disrupt Adam Cole’s squared circle feng shui in the main event against Finn Balor as an “out” for Adam as he lost the bout and his chance at the NXT Title. Post-match, Cole went for a low blow on O’Reilly, but Kyle blocked it and ripped of Adam’s Undisputed Era armband. He then proceeded to beat Cole senseless as a small means of payback.

Matt Camp however, did state during the report that O’Reilly did this against “doctor’s orders” and is still listed as “unable to compete.” He cited Cole to have bruises and contusions after O’Reilly’s attack, but nothing that will keep him out of action.

The only other injury came from the Grizzled Young Vets camp as Zach Gibson is on tab to get X-Rays following his left hand getting smashed by Wes Lee. Lee previously had his hand injured at the hands of GYV so he and Nash Carter came out dressed in Fandango space suits, serving as a distraction. Lee then used his space helmet as the hand smashing object of choice.

Camp also runs down next week’s NXT card, which you can check out below:

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