Kevin Owens to Replace Corey Graves at SmackDown

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Kevin Owens will be filling in for Corey Graves at the commentary desk for tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown.

The reason Graves is not at the show is due to his wife Carmella giving birth to their son on Wednesday.


You can check out the official announcement below:

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Kevin Owens to Fill in for Corey Graves on WWE SmackDown Commentary Desk

In an unexpected turn of events, Kevin Owens will be taking over Corey Graves’ spot at the commentary desk for tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown. The reason behind Graves’ absence is the birth of his son, with his wife Carmella giving birth on Wednesday.

The official announcement was made on Twitter, with SmackDown General Manager, Nick Aldis, approving Owens’ request to fill in for Graves on commentary. However, there is a catch – if Owens lays his hands on anyone, he will face suspension.

This substitution comes as a surprise to many fans, as Owens is primarily known for his in-ring skills rather than his commentary abilities. Nonetheless, it presents an exciting opportunity for Owens to showcase his versatility and provide a fresh perspective on the action happening in the ring.

While Graves is undoubtedly missed by fans and colleagues alike, the birth of his son is a joyous occasion that deserves celebration. It’s heartwarming to see the wrestling community coming together to support Graves and his growing family during this special time.

As for Owens, this unexpected role on commentary could potentially open up new doors for him in the future. Wrestling fans are accustomed to seeing Owens deliver jaw-dropping moves and engage in intense rivalries inside the squared circle. However, his charismatic personality and quick wit could make him a natural fit for the commentary booth.

Owens’ presence at the commentary desk will undoubtedly add an extra layer of excitement to tonight’s episode of SmackDown. Fans can expect his unique perspective and entertaining banter to enhance their viewing experience.

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In conclusion, Kevin Owens stepping in for Corey Graves on the commentary desk for WWE SmackDown is an unexpected twist that brings a fresh dynamic to the show. While Graves enjoys the precious moments with his newborn son, Owens has the opportunity to shine in a new role and entertain fans with his commentary skills. Wrestling enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating tonight’s episode to witness this exciting change and see how Owens fares in his temporary position.