John Cena Declined the Use of a Stunt Driver for His WrestleMania 23 Ford GT Arrival

John Cena Declined the Use of a Stunt Driver for His WrestleMania 23 Ford GT Arrival
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In an expose by a seasoned WWE authority, it was unveiled that renowned wrestler, John Cena, did not stand by passively and let someone else make his signature entry for him in the WWE WrestleMania 23. This revelation was made by the notable WWE old hand, Bruce Prichard.

The remarkable event was a pay-per-view occasion that transpired in April 2007. Cena made his grand appearance at the Ford Field in Detroit, steering a Ford GT supercar. This exhilarating entry was made prior to his final showdown for the WWE title match against Shawn Michaels.

In a recent segment of his celebrated podcast, “Something to Wrestle”, Prichard shed light on the reality that Cena was the man behind the wheel of the vehicle for the entire duration within the arena. Here’s what he said,

“They had plans for a professional stunt driver who would be wearing a helmet and then be switched out for Cena. But Cena outright declined the idea. He wanted one single, uninterrupted shot, that starts with breaking the glass and remains focused on him followed by his exiting the car. The entire act was all Cena’s idea. 

John was quite keen on doing it, you know? Speaking from personal experience, I was fearful, for it indeed was Cena in the vehicle, driving at a rather high speed. But the fact remains that John knows his way around a vehicle. He enjoys it and he was successful in making it work, which indeed is commendable. It provides a new level of admiration and respect.”

On that eventful night, Cena successfully held on to his title. He remained the WWE champion until October when unfortunately he had to relinquish the title due to an injury.