‘You Lose You Die’ Film Will Feature Charlotte Flair as the Lead Star

‘You Lose You Die’ Film Will Feature Charlotte Flair as the Lead Star
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Charlotte Flair, the renowned wrestling personality, is about to showcase her acting chops in a horror/thriller sagely named “You Lose You Die.” As mentioned by Deadline today, Carlos ‘Spiff TV’ Suarez wrote the chilling script, casting Flair for a pivotal role.

Taking the reins for a central character, Flair is set to share screen space with Freddy Rodriguez. A brief plot overview of ‘You Lose You Die’ gives us a glimpse into the intriguing narrative:

“‘You Lose You Die’ offers an intense journey into the life of a dark web-centric show run by a sociopathic tech professional, Mr. Fantastik (played by Rodriguez). Two other sociopaths, Ms. Perfect (Fliehr) and Mr. Creep (Anthony Alvarez), join him in running this show. Its distinctive characteristic is that millions of viewers vote in the games and challenges created for the participants who are prisoners. The stakes get high very fast – when they lose, the crowd gets to decide the tools for their demise.”

Also joining the cast is WWE Tough Enough winner, Josh Bredl. His character, Mr. Large, will certainly add an interesting layer to the film’s narrative. At present, Flair is on a break from wrestling, recovering from a knee injury.