Kane Discusses Undertaker’s ‘Bittersweet’ Farewell, His Own Retirement Status

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Kane Discusses Undertaker’s ‘Bittersweet’ Farewell, His Own Retirement Status

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(Photo by Gerardo Zavala/Jam Media/LatinContent/Getty Images)

With The Undertaker set to make his “farewell” at WWE Survivor Series soon, other superstars are reflecting on his incredible career. This includes his kayfabe brother Kane, who talked to Fox Sports about their relationship. Kane credits ‘Taker for helping change his attitude and finding success within the company.

However, Kane isn’t certain that this will be a retirement for Undertaker and called the moment “bittersweet … not only as a fellow competitor and important part of my career, but also just as a fan.” Kane is also sure we’ll continue to see Undertaker doing other appearances for WWE regardless.

“Whether you can actually say this is gonna be it, it … I don’t know,” Kane admitted. “WWE is one of those deals where it’s a little bit like the mafia, in that you never get to quite leave. And I’m sure with someone whose been as important as The Undertaker, that he will be around in some form or fashion for quite some time.”

As far as his own career, Kane says “you never say never in WWE” to if he’ll return again. While he’s comfortable outside the ring and feels every bump, he’s still intrigued if the right opportunity comes up.

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