Flip Gordon Denies Recent ‘Verified’ Parler Posts, Says He Hasn’t Used Social Media This Year

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Flip Gordon Denies Recent ‘Verified’ Parler Posts, Says He Hasn’t Used Social Media This Year

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Ring of Honor broadcaster Ian Riccaboni took to Twitter to defend Flip Gordon after social media posts under his name came under fire. Riccaboni was told by people that had spoken directly to Gordon that the Ring of Honor star hasn’t posted on social media in 2021 and his Twitter account is currently deactivated.

Most notably, a Parler account under Flip Gordon’s name has been called into question. The recent activity on the account has been filled with controversial political posts. This account has the red “verified real user badge,” but it’s important to note that this distinction does not mean that the user is actually the person they’re claiming to be. The mark just means the poster is a “real user” and not a bot.

However, the Parler website states that to get the badge, a user needs to present proof of identification in the form of a driver license or government-issued ID. The genuine verification, the verified influencer badge, is gold. The account under Gordon’s name does not have this mark. Basically, the red badge means that someone with an ID was posting on the account, but it does not mean that Gordon himself is the user. There are documented cases of falsely verified accounts, as seen with Katie Hopkins.

Gordon has become infamous on Twitter for backing the flat Earth conspiracy and being against wearing face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Back in 2018, Gordon said in an interview with Wresting With Ideas that he considered himself a troll online.

“Yes and no,” Gordon said when asked if he believed the Earth was flat. “Flip Gordon believes that the Earth is flat because he is a Twitter troll. Travis [Gordon’s real name] does not, no. Flip Gordon, Evil Flip, he’s got a t-shirt now about the flat earth and you can go buy that at ProWrestlingTees. So if it’s going to make me money, I believe in it.”

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I'd hate for anyone to get catfished, especially at a time like this.

The Parler account in particular *IS NOT* Flip.

Thank you. https://t.co/hB0yin8oIt

— Ian Riccaboni (@IanRiccaboni) January 10, 2021


What I can tell, if you register you are verified & then you can pretty much change your display name & keep it, not like Twitter/IG where un/display changes take your status away.

This also goes beyond Parler: if you think you're talking to Flip, I've been told you're not. https://t.co/uY2erxj7y7

— Ian Riccaboni (@IanRiccaboni) January 10, 2021

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