Bayley Thought She’d ‘Outlast’ The Rest Of The Four Horsewomen, Felt Like An Outsider In The Group

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Bayley Thought She’d ‘Outlast’ The Rest Of The Four Horsewomen, Felt Like An Outsider In The Group

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Photo Credit: WWE

Bayley recently appeared on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions. She discussed various topics related to her WWE career. In one highlight, Bayley reflected on her place in the Four Horsewomen, and she stated that she felt like an outsider in the group. She also revealed that she thought she’d “outlast” the other members of the group.

“I was kind of like the outcast because Sasha was very close with Charlotte, and they would travel together all the time, and then she got very close with Becky, and then they travelled together all the time,” said Bayley. “But I was never very close with any of them, you know, until maybe like, obviously when we started doing the [NXT TakeOver] Brooklyn stuff, but then Sasha and I started getting closer and closer. We were always super close, text all the time, but when it came to traveling and outside of that stuff, I was never like that with Charlotte or Becky.

“But when we were together, it was just so professional and a competitive spirit, too. So we knew how bad each of us wanted it, but it was like, ‘But I want it more, like I can work with you, and we can make magic, and we can make money, but I want it more and I’m going to be better than you.’ It was like that mentality, and we all fed off each other all the time.”

Bayley also reflected on how she used to think she’d be more successful than her fellow Four Horsewomen.

“I thought I was always like super different [than them,] and I thought I was always going to be the one to outlast all of them and be the most consistent one,” said Bayley. “I guess I just saw myself differently because I had a different style, I guess. And in my own head, I just had to keep believing that I’m the best one.”

That being said, Lynch, Flair and Banks all became main event players while Bayley was comparatively left behind. The other Four Horsewomen were making women’s wrestling history, and Bayley said she realized her character was holding her back.

” So the thing I thought, that I just started realizing now, I think because of the kind of babyface I was, because of the kind of character I was, I couldn’t, they couldn’t see me, whoever’s doing the shows, the boss, couldn’t see me in these positions,” said Bayley. “You know, they were having Last Man Standing Matches, they’re having TLC matches, they were main eventing, but I think they thought of Bayley’s character, or Bayley can’t really be put in that position. Just doesn’t fit her. I just wasn’t seen at that level. ”

Of course, fans now know that Bayley has reached the main event scene. She had a historic run with the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship, and she was arguably the top competitor in WWE’s women’s division in 2020.

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