Dax Harwood: Sasha Banks Is The Greatest Women’s Wrestler Of All Time

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Dax Harwood: Sasha Banks Is The Greatest Women’s Wrestler Of All Time

sasha banks

Photo Credit: WWE

Dax Harwood has nothing but love and respect for Sasha Banks.

Sasha Banks, Mercedes Varnado is a name that has been on the tip of every wrestling fan’s tongue as everyone awaits her next move since she walked out on WWE in May 2022. One wrestler who has a close relationship with Sasha is AEW’s Dax Harwood.


Harwood, on the pilot episode of his new podcast, FTR, briefly spoke about Sasha and revealed that they were part of the same WWE tryout together and that they are so close that “The Mandalorian” star knew what gender Dax’s child was going to be before he and his wife did.

“I call her Mercedes. She knew what gender Finley was before me and my wife did. So we found out from the doctor, they gave it to us in an envelope, we gave it to Sasha and her husband. The way we were going to tell our family was through cake pops,” said Dax. “She called the cake shop and let them know what the gender was. She was the first person that knew.”

Speaking about her wrestling ability, Dax would say that much like himself, she sometimes gets a bad rap because of how passionate she can be, but he considers her to be the greatest women’s wrestler of all time.

“I think that just like me, I feel that sometimes she gets a bad rap because of how passionate she isn’t how much she wants. You know, she wants it all, but she wants to work for it. That’s the same with us. Like, I want everything in this business, but I want to work for it. I want you to know that I’m gonna work hard for you and that’s her, man. She knows what she deserves, she knows what she’s earned, and she works her ass off to get it. If she doesn’t get it, she feels slighted. She feels slighted and you know, she has a reason to feel that way. Huge star, huge heart. A beautiful human being. The greatest women’s wrestler of all time. I think she’s just incredible.”

The most recent rumors regarding Sasha’s next move in wrestling suggested that she will be at the Tokyo Dome and part of the festivities surrounding NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 17. Learn more here.

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