Ruby Soho Reflects On The Broken Nose Injury She Suffered At AEW All Out

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Ruby Soho Reflects On The Broken Nose Injury She Suffered At AEW All Out

Ruby Soho

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling / Lee South

Ruby Soho had a rough 2022 in All Elite Wrestling as she dealt with multiple injuries, but the broken nose at All Out was probably the worst of them all.

All Elite Wrestling’s Ruby Soho was a recent guest on Busted Open Radio with Dave LaGreca, Tommy Dreamer, and Mickie James to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about how hard it was to come back from a broken nose that she suffered at AEW All Out, Soho admitted a lot of mental difficulties came along with that injury.


“I think with this [injury], with my nose being broken at All Out, I think it was because it was so sudden, and I had no time to prepare for it, and you gotta understand that it’s go, go, go, go, onto the next thing, onto the next thing, and all of a sudden, it’s abruptly stopped,” Ruby Soho said [H/T: Fightful]. “You go home, and you’re not going back to work for the foreseeable future because you have to recover, you have to have surgery, you have to do this and that.

“So it’s such an abrupt stop with no anticipation, and it’s such a change in lifestyle in such a quick period of time, so your brain has to have time to kind of get used to where you’re at now, and try to convince yourself, ‘Oh, maybe I’m missing an opportunity that I could have had if I didn’t get injured.’ A lot of mental difficulty comes with that, but I think at the same time, it’s super important to realize that you need those times. You need those times for things to stop so you can process everything that’s happened in the recent years or months or whatever, and you can really just take the time to let your body recover.

“My body was hurting, and not even just obviously my nose, but my back was hurting, my neck was hurting. I probably wrestled more in the last year than I had probably in the four years prior to that. It was tough matches with incredible women that go out and put it all out there every time, so my body was hurting. So I think honestly, mentally, physically, emotionally, all of that, it was needed if I’m being honest.”

The broken nose wasn’t the only injury Soho suffered this year, as she also detailed the injuries to her neck and back that she was dealing with during the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. She explained that she started noticing the nagging injuries catching up on her once the broken nose kept her out of the ring.

“But I think it was just a buildup, and it was a tournament, so I was wrestling quite a bit and moving on in the tournament. But after that, I couldn’t move my neck, and my back was hurting so bad. It was just a pileup to where I was like, ‘Man, I might need some time. I might need some time.’ But you never know when the right time is. If you wanted to take some time away, I’d you wanted to take some time off, you never know because it’s always in the back of your mind. ‘Am I missing an opportunity? Am I skipping out on something that I need to be there for, that I could be doing something great with? So it’s never a good time until sometimes, wrestling just tells you this is the time. You don’t have a choice.”

With 2023 on the horizon, Ruby Soho has taken the time to reflect on 2022 and everything she’s gone through in All Elite Wrestling. Soho said this year has been a rollercoaster but she believes the best is yet to come.

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What do you make of Ruby Soho’s comments? Are you excited about what’s ahead for her in 2023? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.