Bryan Clark On His ‘Adam Bomb’ Run And WWE Return In 2001

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Bryan Clark On His ‘Adam Bomb’ Run And WWE Return In 2001

Photo Credit: WWE

Bryan Clark came into WWE in 1993 as Adam Bomb and after a three-year run in the company, he would leave and go on to become wrath and WCW before teaming with Brian Adams, the former Crush, to become Kronik in World Championship Wrestling.

In 2001, they would return to WWE for a very short run which would see them face Kane and Undertaker at Unforgiven 2001. Now, Clark is reflecting on his time in WWE. Speaking on the Shining Wizards podcast, Clark discussed his return, his original run, and more. Below are some highlights sent by the team from the podcast:

On initially getting The Adam Bomb Character: I liked it. I’ve told this story before. They offered me two different gimmicks, and I’ve told people if they don’t believe me, go to the trademark commission and look it up. But they had the Adam Bomb trademark and The Ringmaster. I chose Adam Bomb. I just felt I could do a lot more with it. It was, like you said, very colorful. [The character] had a lot of potential I felt at the time.

On replacing Ludvig Borga at WrestleMania 10: I had a couple people say that, but I never did hear it because prior to that, we were on a European Tour and I worked with Earthquake for like ten nights in a row preparing for Mania. That’s sort of the way they did it at the time. We had like a 15 minute match worked out. A damn good match actually. I’m hearing Ludvig Borga stuff now, but I think he may have left or got terminated prior, maybe in January prior to that. I’m not sure. We started working all those nights prior too in Europe. Germany and UK, but again I can’t quite pinpoint the date.

On possibly returning to WWE as Adam Bomb instead of Kronik: It was just Kronik, and Brian (Adams) wanted to go a lot more than I did. I told Brian, and we talked about this. I thought we should go to Japan right away. He was friends with ‘Taker so he thought maybe we should go back to Vince. We both left there and we always had that unsettling heat. We just felt like, and I even felt like – and he did once we got there – that this was not a good idea. They did a hotshot of an angle, but Kane had a big staph infection and I think Taker had a shoulder injury. I had basically a broken neck and we were all just banged up. They didn’t give us the time, and I said “hey, let’s go on the road for a little bit and get a feel for each other versus just hot-shotting it.” It fell apart. Then we went to All-Japan like I suggested from the beginning.

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