Brian Pillman Jr. Officially Joins WWE NXT, Confirmed by USA Network

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The USA Network has confirmed that Brian Pillman Jr. is coming to the WWE NXT brand.

In recent weeks, several vignettes have been airing for the son of the late Brian Pillman Sr.


In an article posted today on the official website of the USA Network, it was confirmed that Pillman Jr. has signed with WWE. The article states,

“The rumors are true: Brian Pillman, Jr. is the latest pro wrestling prodigy to make the jump to WWE! Following in the footsteps of megastar-in-the-making Jade Cargill is Pillman, Jr., who eagle-eyed members of the WWE Universe noticed making a blink-and-you-missed-it appearance during NXT No Mercy on September 30.

It’s yet another savvy signing by WWE as they pluck yet another aspiring Superstar away from the competition and welcome another world-class athlete to the WWE locker room. Here’s why the WWE Universe should be excited for the eventual in-ring debut of Brian Pillman, Jr.!”

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The USA Network has announced that Brian Pillman Jr. will be joining the WWE NXT brand, confirming the rumors that have been circulating in recent weeks. Pillman Jr., the son of the late Brian Pillman Sr., has signed with WWE and is set to make his in-ring debut in the near future.

In an article published on the official website of the USA Network, it was revealed that Pillman Jr. has joined WWE, following in the footsteps of other rising stars like Jade Cargill. The article highlights Pillman Jr.’s brief appearance during NXT No Mercy on September 30, which caught the attention of eagle-eyed members of the WWE Universe.

WWE’s decision to sign Pillman Jr. is seen as another shrewd move by the company, as they continue to attract top talent from the competition. Pillman Jr. is described as a world-class athlete, and fans are eagerly anticipating his eventual in-ring debut.

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The addition of Brian Pillman Jr. to the WWE NXT brand is sure to bring excitement and anticipation among fans. As he follows in his father’s footsteps, Pillman Jr. has the potential to make a significant impact in the world of professional wrestling.