Suggested Revision: Opinion: Kevin Nash suggests Natalya as the ideal opponent for Jade Cargill’s debut WWE feud

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Kevin Nash has nothing but high praise for Jade Cargill, and he believes she should immediately be put into a feud with Natalya.

Speaking on the latest edition of his “Kliq This” podcast, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer expressed his desire to see Cargill feud with Natalya. He said,


“You got Natalya, you’ve got [Nia] Jax, you’ve got [Rhea] Ripley, you’ve got Jade [Cargill] … right now I’d get Natalya working with Jade.”

He continued, “Because if you can get Jade doing 30% of the mat work that Natalya does, and still keep her high-impact s**t, she’s already got the look. First time I saw her it was like ‘Holy f**k.’ I mean she looks like a superhero.”

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Kevin Nash, a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, recently expressed his admiration for Jade Cargill and suggested that she should engage in a feud with Natalya. Nash made these comments on his podcast, “Kliq This,” where he discussed the potential of Cargill facing off against Natalya.

Nash highlighted Natalya’s skills in the ring and mentioned that if Cargill could incorporate 30% of Natalya’s mat work while maintaining her high-impact style, it would make for an exciting matchup. He also praised Cargill’s appearance, comparing her to a superhero and expressing his awe upon first seeing her.

Cargill, a rising star in the wrestling world, has been making waves with her impressive performances and unique persona. Her combination of athleticism, strength, and charisma has garnered attention from both fans and industry veterans like Nash.

Natalya, on the other hand, is a seasoned wrestler known for her technical prowess and experience in the ring. A feud between Cargill and Natalya would offer a clash of styles, with Natalya’s technical skills contrasting with Cargill’s power and athleticism.

The potential matchup between Cargill and Natalya has generated excitement among wrestling fans who are eager to see these two talented athletes go head-to-head. The clash of styles and the opportunity for Cargill to showcase her mat work while maintaining her high-impact moves makes this a compelling prospect.

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With the support and admiration of industry veterans like Kevin Nash, Jade Cargill’s star continues to rise, and fans can look forward to witnessing her potential feud with Natalya unfold in the future.