Bray Wyatt: A Remarkably Creative Individual According to EC3

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NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion ECW has praised the creativity of Bray Wyatt, even if too many people had influence over Wyatt’s vision.

Sitting down with the “Toronto Sun,” EC3 spoke about Wyatt, real name Windham Rotunda, who passed away earlier this year. He said,


“He’s probably the most creative person I know, the way he was able to create himself in different variations. The thing about him is that when it became successful, when he was doing him his way. Unfortunately, he was in the position where a lot of people need to put their hands on what is already working and kind of muck it up, so his true vision becomes lost.

“When he had free reign, sometimes it is way too far out there and it may turn people off, but you don’t know that unless you have the courage to try.”

Wyatt returned to WWE in October of last year, a return that also saw the introduction of the ‘Uncle Howdy’ character which was played by Bo Dallas.

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NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion EC3 has recently spoken about the late Bray Wyatt, praising his creativity while also acknowledging the challenges he faced in bringing his vision to life. In an interview with the Toronto Sun, EC3 discussed Wyatt’s ability to create himself in different variations and the unfortunate interference that often came with success.

According to EC3, Bray Wyatt was one of the most creative individuals he knew. He admired Wyatt’s ability to transform himself and explore different characters within the wrestling industry. However, EC3 also noted that when Wyatt’s ideas became successful, many people felt the need to intervene and alter his vision. This interference often resulted in Wyatt’s true creative vision becoming lost.

EC3 emphasized the importance of allowing artists and performers to have the freedom to express themselves fully. He acknowledged that sometimes Wyatt’s ideas may have been too far out there for some people’s taste, but he believed that it was necessary to have the courage to try new things and push boundaries.

Bray Wyatt made his return to WWE in October of last year, debuting the ‘Uncle Howdy’ character, which was portrayed by Bo Dallas. The character brought a fresh and unique perspective to WWE programming, showcasing Wyatt’s creativity once again.

The wrestling community mourned the loss of Bray Wyatt earlier this year. His passing left a void in the industry, as he was known for his innovative storytelling and captivating performances. Fans and fellow wrestlers alike continue to remember him for his contributions to the world of professional wrestling.

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Bray Wyatt’s legacy as a creative force in professional wrestling will continue to inspire future generations of performers. His ability to think outside the box and create unique characters will forever be remembered in the industry.