Analyzing the Role of NWA’s Cocaine Spot in Jeff Jarrett’s Story

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AEW’s Jeff Jarrett has questioned how the recent spot with cocaine at NWA Samhain fitted the story that the promotion has been presenting.

The spot in question saw Father James Mitchell snort what appeared to be cocaine as part of the NWA’s recent Samhain pay-per-view.


During his “My World” podcast, Jarrett suggested that the segment made little sense and could deter audiences. He said,

“I’ve learned enough to know to not assume anything. Sometimes things are taken out of context. But, how exactly did this [cocaine spot] fit the story? Was there any logic to it? Where was it coming from and where was it going — in terms of storyline purposes? I get it being on pay-per-view, but how does this work into their stories?

“Who’s your audience? Do you not want to draw families and kids? Would Billy [Corgan] and NWA say, ‘No, I don’t want kids coming to the shows.’ I don’t believe it’s marketed that way. There’s no adult rating or warning.” 

The cocaine spot has reportedly soured The CW’s view of NWA and the network has gone on to announce a multi-year contract with WWE NXT.

WWE NXT commentator Booker T has also weighed in on the segment. Click here to check out his comments.

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The recent spot involving cocaine at NWA Samhain has raised questions about its relevance to the promotion’s storyline and its potential impact on the audience. AEW’s Jeff Jarrett has expressed his concerns about the segment, suggesting that it lacked logic and could deter families and children from attending the shows.

During his podcast, “My World,” Jarrett questioned how the cocaine spot fit into the overall story of NWA. He wondered about its purpose and where it was leading in terms of the storyline. While he acknowledged that such controversial elements might be suitable for a pay-per-view event, he emphasized the importance of considering the target audience and whether it aligns with NWA’s marketing strategy. Jarrett also noted that there was no adult rating or warning associated with the promotion.

The fallout from the cocaine spot reportedly affected NWA’s relationship with The CW network. The network announced a multi-year contract with WWE NXT, indicating a shift in their programming preferences. This suggests that The CW may have been uncomfortable with the controversial segment and its potential impact on their viewership.

Booker T, a commentator for WWE NXT, also shared his thoughts on the cocaine spot. His comments can be found by following the provided link.

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It remains to be seen how NWA will address the concerns raised by Jeff Jarrett and others in the wrestling community. As the promotion continues to navigate its storytelling and audience engagement, finding a balance between pushing boundaries and maintaining a family-friendly image will be crucial for its long-term success.