Big E Wins The SmackDown Tag Team Titles For The New Day

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Big E Wins The SmackDown Tag Team Titles For The New Day

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Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

At WrestleMania 36, Kofi Kingston, Jimmy Uso, and John Morrison competed in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships. Tonight on Friday Night SmackDown, Big E, Jey Uso, and the Miz took to the ring, and it was Big E who was able to come away with a huge win and reclaim the tag team titles for The New Day.

Big E was pretty dominant from the start, but got tripped up late when he was put through the commentator’s table by both Jey and Miz. However, towards the end of the match, Big E was able to break up a figure-four lock on Jey from Miz, and land the Big Ending on Miz for the win. After the match, a video from Xavier Woods played where he bragged on behalf of The New Day, who are now champions once again.

And there goes the table! @WWEBigE, Jey @WWEUsos and @mikethemiz quickly turn up the 🔥in their Triple Threat Match for the #SmackDown #TagTeamTitles.

— WWE (@WWE) April 18, 2020

For a recap on how the match ended, check out below:

Big E. suplexes Miz clear across the ring. Big E. steamrolls Jey. Miz rolls to the outside. Big E. sends Miz into the barricade. Big E. cleans off the announce desk. Jey superkicks Big E. Miz boots Big E. in the head. Jey and Miz double suplex Big E. through the announce desk. After the break, Jey gets a near fall after a crossbody off the top. Jey lands running hip attacks on Big E. and Miz. Jey tries again but runs right into a uranage from Big E. Miz puts Jey in the figure-four. Big E. breaks it up. Big E. hits the Big Ending on Miz for the win!

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