Big E Has Found Joy In Staying True To Himself And Carving Out His Own Path

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Big E Has Found Joy In Staying True To Himself And Carving Out His Own Path

Big E New Day Kofi Kingston

Photo Credit: WWE

Big E won the WWE Championship by not compromising who he is, a valuable lesson that everyone could learn from in this day and age.

WWE Champion Big E recently sat down with Charles Gray of Yorkshire Live to discuss all things WWE. During the interview, Big E spoke on the critics who have been calling for him to change who he is to reach the top of WWE, stating he feels so much more joy by being genuine and authentic than anything else:

“There’s been a lot of people clambering for me to change my attire or be more serious or do things a certain way but I’ve found so much more joy and fulfillment in carving out a path that feels genuine and authentic,” Big E said. “I’ve pretty much felt this way since the New Day. We had people laugh at us and tell us the idea wouldn’t work, we had doors slammed in our faces and people telling us what we needed to be. I know who I want to be and how I want to be and how I want to portray myself.

“I feel like we should all have some kind of internal barometer and for me, I thought there will be times when I need to be more serious and will switch up the attire but I want to allow myself to be the guy and be the one. I don’t want to be affected by outside noise or people’s perception of who they want me to be.”

Big E said to get to the top of WWE, he was told that he and his friends in The New Day would have to turn on each other, but the success all three men have achieved together in recent years have proved all the doubters wrong:

“What’s been most satisfying is doing it my way and also feeling that I got to the top of my industry with my friends,” Big E said. “There were people that told the New Day that we need to turn on each other and that’s how you climb the ladder but we were just very resistant to that – we wanted to tell a different kind of story.”

The New Day is the perfect example of a team standing their ground creatively and reaching heights that few in the company thought was possible. Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods will go down in the WWE history books as one of the greatest groups of all time.

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Are you happy that Big E didn’t change who he was to become WWE Champion? Who would you like to see him feud with after Seth Rollins? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.