Ruby Soho: It Would ‘Mean Everything’ To Win TBS Women’s Championship

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Ruby Soho: It Would ‘Mean Everything’ To Win TBS Women’s Championship

ruby soho

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Winning a title in AEW would not only be the first one for a televised wrestling promotion, but a victory like that would ‘mean everything’ to Ruby Soho.

Newly-signed AEW star Ruby Soho recently spoke with Instinct Culture’s Denise Salcedo and explained why it’d mean so much to her to become the first-ever TBS Women’s Champion.

“It would mean everything. It would be validation first for the last 11 years of my career. It’s not just validation since I’ve been here. It’s been validation since my previous time with WWE, my previous time in the independents working for 10 bucks and driving 12 hours and cars breaking down and things like that. I have never held a title on national television in the time span that I’ve been a part of and I really feel this is something that making history and being the first and representing the title with honor and fighting tooth and nail, like really defend it, would mean the world to me and I am going to do absolutely everything that I can to be that first champion.”

Ruby Soho also talked about how much has happened so far in her short tenure with All Elite Wrestling.

“I was thrilled, it’s just crazy to me that I’ve been here for such a short period of time and so many milestones have already happened which just shows how quick and fast the growth of this company is happening and how seriously all of us are taking pride in our work and representing AEW. It made me even more proud to be part of the team to kinda make history as one of the first companies to have a title like this one. I think that the importance that has been placed on the tournament itself and how seriously all of us are taking it, the matchups are absolutely amazing. It’s really showing how important this title is to our division as a whole. We all now have something else to fight for and it’s going to create even more amazing matchups that have so much more at stake and now with this being part of history, all of us want to be part of history, so we all want to be the first. Everybody wants to be the first because no one ever forgets the first. So much is at stake and so much is riding on this which is bringing out the absolute most amazing fight that we all have. We’re reaching deep down as much as we can because we want to be the champion and I think it’s really amazing what AEW is doing. It’s making milestones, not only in the company itself but in the women’s industry as well.”

Ruby Soho will face Kris Statlander in the next round of the TBS Women’s Championship tournament, and would face the winner of the Nyla Rose versus Hikaru Shida match in the semifinal round.

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