Madcap Moss Calls Happy Corbin An ‘Absolute Master’ On The Grill, Calls Their Alliance The Perfect Combination

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Madcap Moss Calls Happy Corbin An ‘Absolute Master’ On The Grill, Calls Their Alliance The Perfect Combination

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Photo Credit: WWE

Madcap Moss sees his partnership with Happy Corbin lasting quite a while, and he might even learn how to be a grillmaster in that time.

Madcap Moss spoke with Travis Sams for 99.5 WKDQ ahead of WWE SmackDown in Evansville, Indiana. Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin recently teamed up on Friday nights, and Sams asked if it had anything to do with Corbin’s insane grilling skills that he’s prone to showing off on social media.

“Oh man, I am super-intrigued by his master grilling techniques! I can’t get enough, he takes it so seriously. He’s got this aging fridge and then this exact searing techniques, the grilling techniques, the exact right amount of fat — one time he was talking about how he had to ‘over age’ his stake because he was on the European tour and it was good, but it became a little too marbled. I mean, this guy knows his grilling techniques, he knows his steaks and I’ve got to be honest,” Moss explained, “I’m pretty amateur in that regard. I kinda eat for function first and then taste second, so I’ve got a lot I can learn from Happy in that regard. He is an absolute master.”

Sams then said with his jokes and Corbin’s good food, what could go wrong?

“I don’t really see what could go wrong. I admit that I can’t see into the future literally, but I’ve got a pretty good knack for predicting how things are going to go, and I can’t see anything bringing us down. It’s just the perfect combination,” Moss said. “I’m the number one comedian in the world, and he’s the most successful, happiest guy that I know, that I’ve ever seen. We complement each other really well, I don’t see how it ever ends.”

When asked about their tag team aspirations, Madcap Moss said he doesn’t know if that’s in their future. He noted how Corbin picked up a big win over Shinsuke Nakamura and that should put Happy in the running for that title.

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It was so fun getting my bbq on this week with Chef Tom. Can’t wait to do it again

— mayor of jackpot city (@BaronCorbinWWE) October 23, 2021